You are currently viewing Free After Effects Templates – Audio spectrum- Hologram Theme

Free After Effects Templates – Audio spectrum- Hologram Theme

Today I’m sharing Free After Effects Templates of Audio spectrum, Hologram Theme, Technology Theme, or Sci-fi theme for You, can download this file for free and use it in your project. Read the use instruction given below.


  • Just download the file and use in your after effects project
  • No third party plugin required
  • Easy to customize 
  • You can replace the audio clip with yours
  • Supported AE version – Adobe After effects cs6 or Higher
  • Composition size 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 fps 

How To Use This Free After Effects Templates

1) Open File

Open this file through File menu- Open project- Browse location – Open.

2) Replace Audio

Go in project panel right-click on Audio clip – Replace footage – File, browse your Audio clip and click open.

(The scrolling track name showing in composition panel will be changed automatically by replacing The audio, If you want to change it Just change your Audio clip name by selecting audio layer and press Enter )

Free After Effects Templates - Audio spectrum- Hologram Theme

(Go in effect controls panel to edit the colour of the audio spectrum, to enable Effect control panel go in Window menu – Effect control: controller)
(After replaced the audio if your Audio length is more than 4m: 7sec press Ctrl + k to increase comp length and then drag all layers further)

3) Edit Progress Circle Duration

Select the Audio layer press O on the keyboard, current time indicator will go at the end of the audio then select controller layer to edit progress circle duration and press U on the keyboard you will see two keys select the last one and drag to move it at the current time indicator.

Free After Effects Templates - Audio spectrum- Hologram Theme

4) Set The percentage with your Audio progress – 

Select the percentage layer and click on that triangle as shown in the image below to open drop-down options- click  Text – source text – click on expression is at the right side and change that two values, put here your audio duration in seconds at both places.

5) Set The Comp Duration

press Ctrl + k,  set the duration of the comp then press OK or drag manually Comp work area.

Free After Effects Templates - Audio spectrum- Hologram Theme

  You can change all colors and arrangements of all graphics in this Free after effects templates file.  

6) Render

After all changes have done press Ctrl + m to add render queue.

Click on lossless settings set Video format what you want (I used QuickTime), Set destination, And click render. (It may take time to render if you don’t have a powerful computer, but it will give you good result)

Thank you for your visit.

 If any query please leave a comment, what you think About Free After Effects Templates – Audio spectrum- Hologram Theme.

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